Friday 7 February 2014

Collector's items

Some guy recently put up on-sale on the Japanese ebay a number of Sankyo kits of their "peanuts" series in 1/150. Hope you like the vintage box art.

Thank you "Jun in Tokyo" for the correction. 


Junchan said...

Sankyo Peanuts series reminds me good old days of my boyhood as I bought and built every kit of Peanut series when it was released.
Please note that Peanut series kits were produced by Sankyo (三共).
I think you might have mixed up with Midget series by Sanwa (三和, not Mitsuwa).
Check this link for more info.

Jun in Tokyo

Jon Yuengling said...

For the record I love vintage box art. As a gamer I can also see a great use for this scale as most of my miniature troops are in 1/100 scale (15mm).