Thursday 21 August 2014

Aichi AB-4 by Kalle Kindel

Here is my 1/72 Aichi AB-4 from Choroszy Modelbud resin kit. The kit is good and comes together with no big trouble.
Hope you like it:)
Kalle Kindel - Estonia

FANTASTIC model Kalle. I wouldn't even dare a resin kit in that scale. Thank you very much.
More on the type, HERE.


Fluffy said...

That's wonderful Kalle.

(I know this isn't strictly a model site so just don't post if This question is off base)

I've never built a 100% resin kit but am interested in a Choroszy kit. Is jumping right in on one of their kits a bad idea? should I get my skills up on another kit first? Just give me a feeling of what you think of them.


Unknown said...

I have many unbuilt resin kits from different manufactures and ages and I can say that Choroszy is one of best.
It is so called new ages kit, so no need to sand these thick fuselge walls and replace parts. This is my 4th resin build, and I dare to say that you can start with Choroszy no problem. Only thing that instructions is quite basic. No numbers for parts, so you need to think yourself what goes where. Many tiny parts, so patience is needed:)


Fluffy said...

This is good to read! Thank you for giving your impression on the quality of the kits. It makes me feel much better!


Alcides said...

Congrats on a great model! I love this plane. Nice to see it on the blog.