Wednesday 11 February 2015

"Ah! My Goddess! Shinden by Verena Wirnig

The J7W1 "Shinden" as an aircraft ‘Ah! My Goddess’
The idea, to make a fantasy painted a/c is a nice one and completely unusual for me. Therefore, it came to build it. I am a female modeler from IPMS Austria and am very convinced in Japan, its history and its country. So even Manga is part of my thoughts, but actually never read one. On one of my trips to Japan, I bought one ZukeiMura Shinden.
My husband built the Shinden sometime before, but in the WWII painting (HERE). My decision was a bright colorful a/c. The idea for the diorama was a long time growing idea. The ladder is part of accessories for a WWII RAF bomber airfield. The two ladies are from ZukeiMura. The suitcases I found accidently. The hut for the dog I found in a shop in Krakau (Poland). The dogs I bought via internet. So, the diorama was a build up over a long time. Like a puzzle.
The painting of the a/c was something else. The proposed painting from ZukeiMura was too dull, without life. Beside this, the painting was unpractical to me for flying. Since the big blue surfaces without distinction at the rudder surfaces are not good looking. The development of the paint scheme was easy, since my husband build at the time before a Trojan T-28 and a Texan II T-6. This colorful paint schemes as trainers of the USAF and IAF where the basic for the development the Shinden paint scheme.

I think with this explanation, you can understand a little bit the history of this a/c. To note: The engine I painted in the maximum unreal paint as possible. In metallic green and gold!

I don't know about you guys but Verena's "Shinden" is really very interesting and a beautifully built model. Excellent!!!

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Fluffy said...

It looks wonderful! I really like the idea of stowing the suitcases in the space where guns and ammo would have gone. Tactical to practical or something like that. :)