Monday 2 February 2015

Kawanishi H6K "Mavis" by Mark Jahsan WIP#7

WIP#1, WIP#2, WIP#3, WIP#4, WIP#5, WIP#6

  After the initial overall coat of primer, some problem areas were cleaned up, then a bit of pre-shading was done. I like using brown instead of the usual black, comes out a bit “dirtier” IMO.
  Then the walkways were taped off, at least my interpretation. The nacelles are shaped a bit different, so I had to fudge a little to make them work. And of course, finding out too late they should be in yellow! Then the IFF stripes were sprayed and masked.
  Decals came from a couple sources- fuselage hinomaru are from a Nichimo Kate kit, the large wing ones being a good size for the “small” ones on Mavis! The wing ones are 25-year-old or more ones from a Bandai 1/24 Zero that I converted into an A6M3. Tail codes are also from that kit, pieced together to get the correct codes.
  I’ve started with some washes & such. She’ll be lightly weathered- I like my planes to look used, not used up. Some of the pre-shading is visible, and the wingtops have a slightly splotchy look where the topcoat is thinner over the white base.
  Getting there, I always had a picture in my mind, but it’s cool to see her take shape.

And finally here's the finished Mavis in 1/48 by Mark Jahsan.



Jacob Terlouw said...

Well done!! What a beauty she is.

Mark Jahsan said...

George, again thanks for the assistance, and the opportunity to present this. Keep up the good work, Mark

Arawasi said...

Thank you too Mark for the excellent model and I do hope to see your next Japanese aircraft very soon!