Friday 13 February 2015

Yokosuka D4Y3 "Suisei" (Judy)

A less known NARA photo today of a Yokosuka D4Y3 "Suisei" (Judy) Model 33 found at Clark airfield in the Philippines; unit unknown. Serial number was 3957 and it was in generally good condition. She was restored and evaluated by the TAIU receiving the registration S16.

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Anonymous said...

The Judy night-fighter is bold. A 20mm high velocity dorsal cannon was added.
5 B-29s were claimed shot down and 4 damaged by a handful of these D4Y2-S interceptors. Faster than all Zeros and most Oscars, this fighter version of the Judy makes some sense.
I think it could've done better. It had no protection and the inline Atsuta engine was worse than the unreliable Ha-40 and 140 in the Ki 61-I and -II Tony!
This could perhaps have been fixed by adding armor and the more reliable Fiat Tifone version of the DB605 engine. This was a good engine for mounting a motor-cannon. Both the Bf 109 and Fiat G.55 Centauro had this. Why not the Judy or Tony? The IJN 30mm Type 5 and IJA Ho-155-II were excellent choices for this. Even the IJA 37mm Ho-214. These were as good as any in WW2, or better.

Both the Judy and Tony gave up their unreliable inline engines for the same radial Ha-112-II. To their credit, Yokosuka did this change about a year before Kawasaki did with the Ki 100! The radial D4Y3 and 4 sported rocket boosters but not a fighter version. Go figure!