Friday 6 February 2015

Kawasaki N2K1-Ja "Shiden-kai" (George) by Jean Barby

Here is my first model of the new year and it depicts a Kawasaki N2K1-Ja "Shiden-kai" (George) from the famous 343 Kokutai. The model is the Hasegawa in 1/48th, late version with the smaller vertical tail surface. The model was riveted and the excellent SBS cockpit was used instead of the parts of the kit. I also detailed the wheel bays and added the break line from solder wire. The Kawanishi color is a mixture of Gunze RLM70 and Gunze Sky blue (15%), underside is alclad with different shades on some panels to break the monotony.
Hinomarus were painted, and the canons are from Fine Molds. Cheers from France, Jean Barby.

I love it Jean! Brilliant paint job, perfect weathering. Merci beaucoup for sharing.


George Bryant said...

Very nice. The finish is excellent.

Pankoub said...

Great work my friend!