Saturday 5 December 2015

Civilian Aviation - Douglas DC-3

The October 2, 1940 of the magazine "Asahi Graph" had a short introductory article with all the passenger aircraft in the fleet of "Dai Nippon Koku". The lovely cover featured a Douglas DC-3 with two more photos in the article, one of the passenger cabin. The civilian registration is J-BDOL and we have encountered the same aircraft in the past, here.  


David Brizzard said...

Yet another great find. Thank you. Looking through these old magazines is somewhat like uncovering lost treasure. I am somewhat envious. Please keep up the good work.

Peter Dasso said...

I love when you post art from old magazines. Would it be possible for you to post links to high-resolution scans of the images? I'd love to make posters out of some of these.