Wednesday 23 December 2015

Yokosuka P1Y "Ginga" (Frances)

A December 28, 1944 video from the NHK collection excellently presenting a Yokosuka P1Y1 Model 11 "Ginga" (Frances).  The narator explains:
"In a Navy base somewhere in the Philippines, is our new attack bomber "Ginga". It seems that the enemy is looking for a place to use as their base and our new bomber is going to end all hopes for success. Today too, the maintenance is over and bombs are being loaded one after the other together with our strong feelings. All the preparations for attack are completed and our new bomber is taking off to attack the enemy positions, its supply lines and its ships."
The location is most probably the Clark airfield and the unit could be one of the attack units of the 762Ku. Note the 600 litre drop tanks under each wing.

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David Brizzard said...

Short but sweet. Thank you for sharing.