Friday 11 December 2015

VIPS - Mitsubishi MC-20 - China Airways

In June 1941 Wang Jingwei, the head  of the collaborationist Reorganized National Government of China based in Nanjing, travelled to Japan to show his gratitude towards the government and the people of Japan for their support and strengthen the friendly relationship between the two governments. On June 13 departed from Nanjing and arrived in Shanghai the same day. In Nanjing airport bit him farewell General Itagaki Seishiro, who was chief of staff of the China Expeditionary Army at the time as well as other military and civilian officials. Together with Wang Jingwei travelled his Ministry of Finance Zhou Fohai, Propaganda Minister Lin Po-sheng, Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Xu Liang and others.
The aircraft they flew with is a Mitsubishi MC-20 belonging to the China Airways Co., Ltd. and is registered C-5105. A very rare video featuring China Airways aircraft.
Upon arrival in Shanghai Wang was greeted by Consul General Horinouchi Kensuke and others and boarded the mail steamer Yawata Maru, later to become escort-carrier Unyo, where he was toasted by Admiral Shimada Shigetaro, serving as CIC of the China Area Fleet.
On the 14th at 11:00 Yawata Maru left Shanghai for Japan.     

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