Tuesday 29 December 2015

Mitsubishi G3M "Nell" - 1st Kokutai - video

A short part from the 1942 documentary "Umiwashi" (Sea Eagles) featuring Mitsubishi G3M "Nell" bombers getting maintained and their pilots just before leaving for another mission.
Of particular interest is the ground crew member painting the white outline on the fuselage hinomaru by hand.

While another one is painting the tail marking which is probably "Z-335". This means that the unit can be identified as the 1st Ku. The kokutai was organized in Kanoya on April 10, 1941 with one "rikko" (field attack) and one "kansen" (carrier fighter) unit. The 1st Ku relocated to Hankou on July 23 1941 from where they launched attacks against Chongqing and Chengdu until they returned to Japan on September 2, 1941. The documentary was shot during their Hankow days.
According to the narrator the ground crew is applying "make up" on the aircraft before departing for yet another mission.

Refueling the plane. Unfortunately the fuel track is not visible.
Gunners are cleaning and oiling their Type 92 Lewis machine guns. Note the Type 98 Reconnaissance Aircraft or Mitsubishi C5M in the background!
Today's "bento" (lunch box) for the crew includes:
1. "makizushi" with "asakusa nori", rice, shiitake mushrooms, kanpyo, oboro (mince fish and shrimps), greens and takenoko.
2. Japanese omelette
3. takuan
4. energy drink (milk, coffee, canned pineapple) and "energy candy". The "energy candy" had: glucose, butter, sugar, starch, yeast, flour, milk, lecithin, green tea and others.
5. Drink to be served upon return: fruit punch. 

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