Sunday 13 December 2015

Visitors - Fairchild FC-2 in Japan

According to "Encyclopedia Vol. VI" in May 1928 Fairchild executive Robins and Captain Gebel (?) brought one Fairchild FC-2 to Japan and performed exhibition flights for the Army and the Navy (with floats) hoping to sell the type. The "Encyclopedia" does not mention anything more but according to "Nihon no Koku-shi" they were unsuccessful.  
Below are two photos from a vintage publication but I was unable to find any information regarding this sales pitch or the persons and the particular aircraft involved.
Interestingly an Army document dated May 1932 details a request to transfer a "Fairchild" aircraft currently located at the Shimoshizu Aviation School to Kwantung Army to be used as ambulance during the Manchurian Incident. An officer and an engineer were to be send to spend 90 days training with the type. The next Fairchild type of aircraft to arrive in Japan after the FC-2 was in 1933 when a Fairchild 22C-7b was brought over.
So what Fairchild aircraft was at Shimoshizu in 1932?   

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David Brizzard said...

And yet, another great find. You never cease to amaze me, and hopefully your other readers, with this type of information.
These one or two of a kind photos, and news reels are great.
Please keep up this most appreciated work. Thank you.