Monday 26 November 2018

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 010 - JEAN BARBY #2

Hasegawa model in 1/48, riveted, SBS interior, flaps in the up position, my own mix of green!
- Jean Barby -


Arawasi said...
-riveted...for her pleasure!
-in the up position...I don't want one position. I want all positions!
-my own mix of green!...they have their own mix of green too!

Seriously guys! So many good models this time! 9

D. Chouinard said...

Now I need to watch The Fifth Element again.....

Really nice model, I like the exhaust staining and overall finish. Hard to find any fault with it, the only thing being rather minor: The shell ejector ports under the wing need a bit of staining, and maybe a bit more wear needed? 9+

Toryu said...

A great model - very much how I like it. 9.5 for Jean. I have wanted to build this one for a long time, but (1) so many other projects and (2) I have not yet found a live picture of this airplane. Did you see any?