Wednesday 15 September 2021

Mitsubishi Ki-21 "Sally" - video

Continuing yesterday's green with brown camo theme, a video clip today from the Associated Press collection (actually a Japanese news reel), from HERE, featuring "Sally" model 2 Ko of the 60 Sentai, during the operations against the U.S. positions in the Philippines in 1942. 

In the stills below we can clearly see the two tone, green and brown, camo scheme.

Note the Te-1 machine gun in the nose.


Dan Salamone said...

Looks like the Regia Aeronautica came and camouflaged that Ki-21. ;)


Danilo said...

Extremely interesting posts, Geogre! Just a couple of questions: in some cases it seems some a/c do not shoe the yellow ID stripe on the wings' leading edge. Then, in the last in-flight images it seems the upper wings hinomaru are missing - the upper color of wings looks only a solid one. Just an impression due to the film bad quality?

Arawasi said...

Yes, no iff yellow stripes yet. From middle to end of 1942.
It's not the film's quality. It's the angle from which the wings are shot and they look "white" solid without a hinomaru. There is absolutely no way they were flying without hinomaru in 1942. And they were all camouflaged.