Monday 20 September 2021

Mitsubishi Ki-21 "Sally"

Another photo from the Arawasi collection featuring a Ki-21 Model 1, probably Ko.
Note the curious absence of the radio antenna mast on the fuselage and the Ki-27 "Nate" tail on the left. Note also the absence of the whatchamacallit thingy on the tip of the spinner to connect with the starter truck.


David Brizzard said...

That is commonly called a starter cog.

Anonymous said...

"the whatchamacallit thingy"

I believe that is called a starter dog, or sometimes a crank gog.

Wind Swords

Arawasi said...

Thanks guys.

Anonymous said...

Your welcome. Here is the entry in English Wikipedia (my emphasis in bold): Dog (engineering) - In engineering, a dog is a tool or part of a tool that prevents movement or imparts movement, by offering physical obstruction or engagement of some kind. It may hold another object in place by blocking it, clamping it, or otherwise obstructing its movement. Or it may couple various parts together so that they move in unison – the primary example of this being a flexible drive to mate two shafts in order to transmit torque.