Monday 6 February 2012

Kokusai Ki-86 "Cypress" by Bill Cronk

I wanted to build something different and in my area of interest, Japanese aircraft. There is lots of info on this little plane out there. I wanted to build it in 1/48th scale so I bought the MPM kit and started right away. This kit is basic but accurate and the fit is good. I thinned the sides and scratch built a complete interior out of evergreen plastic and Mike Grant instrument decals.

The engine block was built from plastic and scrap bits and pieces from the parts box.

The kit prop was modified and painted to look like wood. I had to build up the landing gear using steel wire coated with the black insulation stripped from copper wire. I used some tires from the parts box and added the fenders made from plastic. The hardest part of this build to say the least was the placement of the top wing. There are no locator marks on the wings, I had to measure and dry fit the wing using a wing jig. I made all the struts and added .04 steel wire as rigging. The turn buckles were made out of twisted copper wire and coated with super glue. 
I used Tamiya paints mixed and toned down because this color scheme could get too bright in a hurry. All the markings are hand painted and if my Japanese is right it should say Ki-86 on the tail. I used a thin oil wash and finished it off with a dull coat of Testors. - Bill Cronk


Anonymous said...

Very impressive built, nice rigging and especially the engine makes it so attractive to look at.
What's the unit marking of ?? Is that a white band wit a small Hinomaru?


D. Chouinard said...

I always look forward to seeing Bill's work at the IPMS shows in the Dallas/Fort Wort, Texas area. He never fails to impress!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Bill and I are good friends I am proud to say,,,And his builds are second to none,,,, CUDOs on yet another brilliant build Bill !!!!!!