Monday 5 November 2012

Hansa Brandenburg W29 by Thilo-Arndt Möller Pt. 2

Thilo has made some progress since last time (HERE) and sent us the following report accompanied by some very nice and detailed photos. Enjoy!

Mounted the floats, the rack and the fuselage to each other.

Some not-so-exciting photos of the float-rack and some hoots for the rack joining point. Until the rack is ready there is a lot of boring and unexciting work.


In the past few weeks I did the covering with tissue paper and chipping paint. The covering of the wing was not as easy as expected. The shape of the NACA M17 airfoil is not so easy to cover. I also did some detail work on the floats. Two days ago I started the installation of servos and RC equipment. Now I'm waiting for my ordered motor and propellers. The next few days I'm going to work on the strutting from float to wing. Before I start the painting part I will do a first test-flight to make sure that everything is working and in flying condition.

Looking really good Thilo! Keep up the good work!

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