Monday 19 November 2012

Vintage Magazine Cover

Magazine "Hiko Shonen". 
Note that the cover features a Kawanishi H8K2-L, the little known transport version of the "Emily", that could carry a crew of nine and 29 passengers or 64 troops. Official designation was Type 2 Transport Flying-Boat "晴空Seiku" (Clear Sky).


Alcides said...

Fantastic. A like a lot this kind of post and I didn't know about the transport version of Emily.

Harold K said...

What a wonderful subject for a new 1/72nd scale kit; or even a conversion for the existing Hasegawa kit.
Francillon's classic book states that most of the fuel tanks in the hull were removed to accommodate a lower deck. All armament was removed except for a 13 mm gun in the nose and one 20 mm cannon in the tail.
With no beam guns or turret and all those windows, I would certainly want one to place beside my "stock" Emily for comparison.