Friday 30 November 2012

Mitsubishi G4M1 (Betty) - 705Ku

In December 1943 a part of the 705 Kokutai advanced to Tongu* in Burma (Myanmar) and on the 5th, in cooperation with IJAAF units, bombed the Indian city of Calcutta (present-day Kolkata).
The captions below are from a short news film of this raid offering excellent interior views of the Mitsubishi G4M1. You can see the film HERE.
Originally called Misawa Ku with the letter "H" as their tail marking, the unit became 705 Ku on November 1st, 1942. Until about March 1943 it continued to use the "H" but at around that time and until September 1943 changed to "TI" (or T1). From September 1943 until March 1944, the time of the Calcutta raid, the unit used only numerals on the aircraft tails.

In the above series of captions notice the Army officers on board a Navy aircraft.

Rare view of the dorsal blister

A very young looking radio operator

And finally two captions of the tail gunner with the 20mm cannon. 

Searching the net I located this quite interesting site that offers some vivid descriptions of those in the receiving end, although I must admit I was not comfortable with the shortened version of the word Japanese. 

*I was not able to pinpoint "Tongu" (Japanese pronunciation) in Burma but did find Tongue Island. Any help?

It is Taungoo or Toungoo. In 1940 the Royal Air Force built an airfield north of the town, which from August 1941 through February 1942 served as a training and support base for the American Volunteer Group (Flying Tigers). Later it was also used by Japanese Air Forces.


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Harold K said...

There is a city in Burma spelled (variously) Toungoo or Taungoo.

Arawasi said...

Thank you Harold

Panagiotis said...

Oh, that lovely milf lady called Betty!!! Very nice details from the interior and a really good video, too!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Ki-21 Sally bombers in the last half of the film. Really vivid cinema photography.

Arawasi said...

Ki-21 bobers.
Thanks for the comment and glad you noticed them but I think they deserve a separate, forthcoming posting. Stay tuned!