Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Visitors - The French Connection

On March 2, 1931 a single Farman 190, called "Alsa" took-off from Paris with a crew of two; (Ernest) Christian Moench and Johanny Burtin. Covering a distance of 2,800km on March 21 at 15:05 they arrived in Tokyo's Tachikawa airport where they were greeted by an enthusiastic crowd.
The stops were:
Athens/Greece (3/3, 18:45)
Karachi - British India (now Pakistan) (10/3 take-off )
Bangkok - Thailand (13/3 12:00 arrival)
Hong Kong - China (17/3 take-off) 
made emergency landing the same day in Shantou-China due to heavy fog
Shantou (18/3 take-off)
Shanghai (18/3 arrival)
Seoul - Korea (19/3 arrival)
Seoul (21/3 take-off)

The very French-looking Moench (right) and Burtin enjoy a Gauloises (maybe) upon arrival.

On March 24 the two pilots were decorated with the "Yukosho" (medal for brave deeds. Similar to the British "George Cross") at the "Hatonoma" (Pigeon Hall) of the "Hikokan" (Aviation Building) belonging to the "Teikoku Hiko Kyokai" (Imperial Aviation Association).
Two days later they took-off from Tachikawa, at 07:08, and arrived back to Le Bourget airport of Paris on April 19.

The Farman 190, No.52, serial number 7222, registration F-ALAP    

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