Wednesday 7 November 2012

Tachikawa Ki-77 / A-26 #1

Kalle Kindel from Tallinn, Estonia sent us photos of his lovely Ki-77. 

The kit is PLANET Models, resin, in 1/72nd. A rather basic and difficult kit but the only one in this scale for the aircraft I know of. 

Although in Estonian take a look HERE for in-progress photos.

A&W has released a small kit in 1/144.

Thank you very much Kalle for the contribution.


Harold K said...

Wonderful work, Kalle.
An injection-molded kit of this aircraft, in 1/72nd, is badly needed.

Arawasi said...

Well said Harold. One of the most beautiful and sexy J. planes and there are no injections kits around. As if there are no photos of the cockpit...

Panagiotis said...

If you allow me sir,the Myrt was the sexiest of them all!! lol!!

Arawasi said... about Myrt for single engine (for those who like long legs and slender bodies) and the A26 for twin engine (for those who prefer curves and bigger...melons).

D. Chouinard said...

Mmmmm, melons.....

Oh sorry! The mind started drifting again.
Yes, very nice, those wings are amzing. I think it would make for a good scale radio control model as well.
Beautiful model, Kalle.

Harold K said...

"Myrt for single engine (for those who like long legs and slender bodies)"

mmm, slender; Myrt gets my vote :o)