Friday 16 November 2012

NEW Publication - Model Art #857, Profile #13

Seven months later Model Art has just released the second part of their Zero special. Model Art #857, PROFILE #13 on the A6M3, A6M5, A6M7 & A6M8. The first was quite disappointing (review HERE) but this one is much better. 162pages, 140b/w photos and 200 in colour (80+ of models), 70 b/w illustrations and 41 in colour plus 18 pages full of colour illustrations by Sato Shigeo and Sato Kunihiko.
There is quite good coverage of the various details of the aircraft with colour photos, drawings from the a/c manual and but also with the excellent illustrations by Sato-sama. Unfortunately all the vintage photos have been published before therefore there are no real surprises. There are also two pages of photo captions translated into English of dubious quality. 

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