Sunday 27 April 2014

Nakajima Ki-84 "Hayate" - bibliography #2

Apart from the publications for modellers there are also a couple of very interesting books written by veterans or aviation historians.
"Ah, Hayate Sentotai" (Ah, "Hayate" Fighter Squadron)
Author: Shindo Tsuneemon
Published by Kojinsha; 1951
Shindo-san was born in December, 1905 and graduated from the Army Officer's Academy with the 36th class. In 1924 joined the balloon unit in Tokorozawa to become a pilot. Two years later he joined the aviation school in Tokorozawa and in 1935 became chutai commander with the 11th Sentai in Harbin. In 1941 he was promoted to commander of the 87th Sentai, participated in the fight for the Philippines in 1944 as commander of the 16 Hikodan (Air Brigade) and ended the war as instructor with the Akeno Army School with the rank of Lt Colonel. He passed away in 1976.
"Ah, Hayate Sentotai"  
reprint in small paperback by Kojinsha; 1996
"Sentoki Hayate" (Fighter "Hayate")
Author: Ikari Yoshiro
Published by Shirogane Shobo; 1976
From December 1942 Ikari-san served with the Army Aviation Technical Arsenal and his book details the development of the "Hayate" and the history of the units that flew the type.  
"Kessenki Hayate - Koku Gijutsu no Tatakai" (Combat Aircraft "Hayate" - The fight for aviation technology)
reprint in most parts of the previous book by Ikari-san in small paperback by Kojinsha; 1996
All the books are in Japanese and AFAIK none has been translated into English.

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