Tuesday 29 July 2014

Artist Kabashima Katsuichi - Akatsuki no Shutsugeki

"Tomorrow morning at ? o'clock, attack the ? enemy base." The CO gave this order late last night. When this order was given, the beloved planes had just returned to the base to rest after doing their best all this time with no pause. The ground crews jumped on the planes preparing them all night to be ready for take-off. Our unrivalled Shoki are taking off in a large formation to attack a faraway enemy base. The "GOW GOW" sound of the engines signify their good condition and lift the spirits of our Wild Eagles. The unrivalled Shoki are taking off in the morning sky to face any number of enemies.
The above is the text accompanying another beautiful pen illustration entitled: "Early morning sortie" by artist Kabashima Katsuichi from a vintage, November 1944, publication,

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Jacob Terlouw said...

The trailer is most promising!
The DVD/BD is not yet on sale here(currently unavailable). Is it possible to buy the English version via Arawasi? I don't want to miss it.