Thursday 10 July 2014

Kawasaki Ki-48 (Lily) by Jean Barby

More Type 99 Twin-engined Light-Bombers or Kawasaki Ki-48 "Lily" belonging to the Hokota school. Note the stencils. The first, on the fuselage behind the bomber's position with the vertical line roughly signifying the propeller, says "キケン" (danger). The other one behind it with the arrow most probably says "ココ ヲノセル" (lift here). Finally the one on the leg cover says "オスナ" (don't push). Note the airbrush applied camo.

The above photo shows how much wrong the AZ kit is concerning the slope of the nose! I bult the kit some time ago, here are some pics to share, sayou,
- Jean Barby -



Pankoub said...

According to the scoop and the air intake at the top and bottom of the nacelles it's a Ki-48 ll type. Nice photo George showing except for the others a very clear view of the strange leg covers.

Lish said...

Very good model! Nose quite wrong. Manufacturer faked.

Unknown said...

yes, quite a nose cone curve

Anonymous said...

Well executed build and presentation, nevertheless!

Steve Diederich

Bob D. said...

Hi Jean,
Very nice work, can I ask where you got your info for he drop down gun position? I would like to attempt the same.
Bob D.