Saturday 5 July 2014

Collector's Items

Vintage, rare and interesting kits from the Japanese Ebay.

ARII, "Shiden-kai" and Zero in 1/144

Unknown maker, "Hayabusa" 1/50. Any ideas?

Hasegawa, "Hayabusa" 1/32

Doyusha, "Hien" 1/28 motorised

Revell, "Hien" 1/144. Don't know how rare this box is but it sure looks cool.

Marusan, "Hien" scale unknown

KSN Midori, "Raiden" scale unknown but motorised. One of the worst boxes EVER!
And "Shoki" with the fake US tail marking.

Sanwa, "Mavis" possibly 1/144

Did you know there was a resin starter truck in 1/48 released by Yellow Cut?

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