Thursday 30 April 2015

IJN Aircraft Carrier "Shokaku" by Jean Barby

Here is my 1/350 "Shokaku" from Fujimi. A lot of details were missing from the kit and I had to use plenty of photo-etch to get the details right. The wind shield and the two LSO platforms at the rear were made from scratch, triple 25mm and 127 AA guns are from Veteran model and all the plane have received their share of photo-etch from Rainbow! Gee those canopies cages were really something to fix! Three tins of Gunze H-83 were needed to paint the whole ship, the standing brass bases are from Pontos and they are great! Best regards from France, Jean.
Thanks a lot, Jean. BEAUTIFUL model!


Anonymous said...

I have a hard enough time with planes let alone ships. Great job Jean on a beautiful model!


Fluffy said...

Wow! That is great work! And I must say, very good photo taking too. I can see detail so clearly.


Anonymous said...

Impressive work! Considering picking up a copy of the 1/350 Zuikaku kit as I've always been fascinated by her history - and the fact my Grandfather played a role in her demise.