Thursday 23 April 2015

Teikoku Hiko Kyokai Hikokan - Type Ko-3 Fighter/Trainer (Nieuport Ni24)

On June 15-16, 1929 the 7-floor "Hikokan" (Aviation Building) of the "Teikoku Hiko Kyokai" (Imperial Aviation Association) was inaugurated. On the first floor there was an exhibition hall with model aircraft and photos, on the second and third floors there were rental rooms for events, on the fourth floor a meeting room, on the fifth and sixth floors two large halls. There was also a roof garden on the seventh floor and a restaurant on the basement.  
Interior of the building from here

The photo below was taken during the inauguration ceremony. On the roof garden is a Type Ko-3 Fighter/Trainer (Nieuport Ni24) with a very happy General Nagaoka Gaishi, Director of the "Hikokan". The tail of a Hansa Branderburg W29 is visible on the left.
The tail reads "Type Ko Model 3 Trainer - 641 - Weight 436kg - Equipment Weight 188kg". 
The building stood until fairly recently and is now housing the offices of the Japan Aeronautic Association and the Aviation Library of Tokyo (Link). 

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