Thursday 16 April 2015

Reikan 955Ku

A NARA photo of a Mitsubishi F1M "Reikan" (Pete) found at the end of the War in a not-so-good condition. The tail marking is visible and as far as we can tell it's 955-02 which means it belonged to the 955 Kokutai.
The unit was organised on August 1, 1944 with reconnaissance seaplanes and was active in Davao and South Philippines. Probably that's where this Reikan was found. The unit had Mitsubishi F1M, Aichi E11A "San-Za Suitei" (Jake) and other types and upon organisation it had 16 two-seat reconnaissance seaplanes and 24 three-seat reconnaissance seaplanes. 


tferedo said...

Photo was taken at Sangley Naval Yard, Cavite after its recapture in 1945.

Arawasi said...