Monday 6 April 2015

Nakajima E8N "Dave" & Imperial Japanese Navy

Following  D. Brizzard's request we present a set of photos from a vintage, September 22, 1937, publication featuring Navy Type 95 Reconnaissance Seaplanes or Nakajima E8N "Dave" and ships of the Japanese Navy.
The setting according to THIS site is:
"22 August 1937:
Nearing Shanghai, BatDiv 3’s floatplanes twice attack Chinese artillery batteries at Pootung (Pudong). Their secondary target is the Kiangnan Dock and Engineering Works, then the main Chinese shipyard. Floatplanes from BatDiv 1's NAGATO and MUTSU also bomb Chinese military installations in Pootung area, including an artillery battery, the Yining bridge and troops at Dachang. BatDiv 3 also launches two floatplane strikes against targets in Shanghai area.... 
That same day, off the Saddle Islands, Japanese troops are transferred from the battleships to DesRons 1 and 2’s destroyers to ferry them upriver. In seven hours, troops from NAGATO are transferred to light cruisers OI and TAMA and destroyers KAWAKAZE, UMIKAZE, YAMAKAZE (DesDiv 24) and ARIAKE. In five hours, troops from MUTSU are transferred to light cruiser SENDAI, minelayer YAEYAMA and DesDiv 2’s YUDACHI, SAMIDARE, MURASAME, DesDiv 9’s SHIGURE, SHIRATSUYU and YUGURE. At 2130 (local), SENDAI is the last ship to leave the anchorage. Off the Saddle Islands, BatDiv 3's HARUNA and KIRISHIMA transfer three battalions of the 3rd Infantry Division to DesRons 1 and 2's destroyers."
The photos are a collection of the above events. The first photo, below, shows either battleship Haruna or battleship Kirishima behind either cruiser Oi or Tama. There is an issue though with the tall structure right behind the pagoda mast of the battleship that shouldn't be there.  
The two photos below show battleships Mutsu and Nagato.

While the photo below shows troops getting transferred to a landing boat.
There is also a set of three photos featuring "Dave" seaplanes being handled. In the first photo the tail marking is visible. It's an "AI" which suggests these seaplanes belonged to battleship Mutsu. The whole setting suggests that the second photo was shot around the same time.

In the third and most dramatic photo the tail marking is not visible and therefore I can't confirm if this "Dave" is getting launched from Mutsu or not. Any suggestions?


David Brizzard said...

And yet, you did find some more very rare photos. And quick too.
Thank you again. These are most helpful in the study of 1930's IJN Aviation and Ships.

Anonymous said...

Top photo shows the light cruiser Natori leaving Sasebo for the Chinese coast with the battleship Kongo in the background on 10 august 1937.