Tuesday 11 August 2015

Bücker Bü 131 "Jungmann" in Manchukuo

Two photos from a vintage publication we recently discovered. They feature two Bücker Bü 131 "Jungmann" belonging to the Manshu Kumu Kyokai (Manchukuo Air Affairs Association) which was formed on August 1, 1939 to control all civilian aviation in Manchukuo excluding Manshu Koku K.K. (Manchukuo Aviation Co. Ltd.). Kumu Kyokai purchased from Germany five Bücker Bü 131 "Jungmann" which were used for aircraft flight and glider tug training. All of them arrived on March 20, 1938 and were shown to the public on the Mukden East airport which handled exclusively civilian traffic. The two aircraft in the photos below have the Civilian Manchukuo registrations M-83 and M-84.
For better quality photos and more information about all things Manchukuo aviation related check our soon-to-be sold-out and going for its first reprint "The Eagles of Manchukuo, 1932-1945".

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