Thursday 13 August 2015

Collector's Items

Vintage and extremely rare kits recently on sale on the Japanese Ebay.
Do you have any information about them?
Fuji, Ki-61 "Hien", 1/100
Fujimi, Zero, 1/70

Two Fujimi, Kawasaki Ki-100 kits in 1/70. Same artwork different numbers in the "One Hundred Series"

Fujimi/Shizuoka Hobby, Ki-100, 1/72
KSN, Ki-84 "Hayate", 1/72?

KSN, Ki-27 "Nate", 1/72?
Okamoto, Ki-100, scale?
UPC, Kawanishi "Emily", 1/72

Y.M.C., Kawasaki Ki-10, 1/100 
Y.M.C., "Betty", 1/130?


MTS, Kawasaki Ki-78, 1/48
ODK, Kawasaki "Toryu", 1/60

1 comment:

Jacob Terlouw said...

Thank you for this update on Collector's Items! Great stuff! Go on with this show.
The only one of these kits I once had was the Fujimi Ki 100.
Although I considered it a bit 'rude' I liked the overall quality and also because it was one of a kind.
I guess the Fujimi/Shizuoka was in fact the same kit but with better box art.