Monday 31 August 2015


This year Singapore celebrates the nation’s 50th year of independence.
Mr. Koh Tse Hsien, very kindly send over information about the model shops there. Here's what he had to say:
If you ever come to Singapore you will find the model  shops are all over the place and only 3-4 are easy to get to because they are  in the city. I tend to go to Miniature Hobby the most because it  has decent stock and easy parking but it is quite difficult  to access if you  don't have a car.
The other one I use is Hobby Point or Stargek if I  need something from Tamiya.
Once in a blue moon I will drop by Hobby Bounties  because they have old and interesting stuff, but I  haven't been there recently.
Other stores are Hobby Focus, M workshop and The Orchard Store.
Surprisingly there are enough Singapore modellers to print decal sheets.
 If you want to know more about the Singapore model scene you can check out:
I maintain a website for models my late father and I have built over the years:

Having fun is always more important than quality in this hobby of ours.  
Thank you very much Tse Hsien for the very interesting info. Singapore is definitely in the list of our near-future travel destinations so we do hope to meet in person, talk about our hobby and sample some of the most delicious food in Singapore we've heard so much about.

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