Thursday 1 May 2014

Collector's Items

Vintage and rare kits recently on sale on the Japanese Ebay. We hope you like the box artwork.
LS D4Y2 "Suisei" 1/75
NITTO "Tenzan" 1/75
Sanwa Mitsubishi Ki-46 1/80
And a collection of vintage Tamiya kits all in 1/50.


Jon Yuengling said...

I love the box art. Is Japanese EBay different URL than

Arawasi said...

Glad you like them Jon. Yes, the url is different.

Harold K said...

Wonderful. I would see these
1/50th kits at the hobby shop I frequented in college, over 40 years ago.
I have the L&S D4Y2, built.

Jacob Terlouw said...

Thanks for showing this box art! The Suisei must be the very first boxing of this kit, I bought this kit in the early sixties but already in another packing.
The Tamiya Ki61-2 is another gem!

fugaku said...

Lovely colours and charming box art. Wonder if the 1/50 Tamiya Raiden was later reboxed as 1/48 - I read something to that effect once. Attempted to build the 1/48 kit a few years ago but it was actually my first model after several decades and got written off, currently languishing 3/4 finished in a box in the basement. Decent kit, incompetent modeller. ;)

Arawasi said...

I hope, fugaku, this posting inspires you enough to go take the kit out of the basement and finish it somehow. Then send us photos of your model to post on our blog.

Jacob Terlouw said...

The 1/50 Tamiya Raiden was never reboxed as a 1/48
kit. This 1/50 range was launched together with 1/75 in the early sixties and also adopted by other well known manufacturers as Marusan and Nichimo and some others. Eventually this scale was dropped in favor of 1/48 when manufacturers chose to standardize with 1/144, 1/72, 1/48 and larger.
It's very interesting to see this wide range of Japanese aircraft kits that were produced a long time ago in a great variety of scales with very attractive box-art. And a lot of these kits never reached the hobby shops over here-such a pity.
But this blog keeps surprising us.