Tuesday 20 May 2014

Shizuoka 2014 #2

This year there were many brilliant Japanese aircraft models. Thanks to the two movies "Kaze Tachinu" and "Eien no Zero" there was not even one model club table without plenty of Zero-sen and Mitsubishi gull-wing fighters. Although many last year, there were no Meng Mansyu Ki-98, not even one "Toryu" or "Shusui", very few IJAAF bombers and only one or two Japanese civilian planes.
Nevertheless all model groups showed exceptional creativity with some really funky models as you will see. The non-existence of a Tamigawa kit did not present an obstacle to those who really wanted to build an interesting and unusual subject. These days many modellers seem to forget the essential axiom of this hobby: when there's a will, there is a way.  

So, here we go. This year we split the models by model clubs.

NISSAN TECHNO Modeller's Club from Kanagawa.

@ Nifty Moke Forum OB-kai, an on-line club.
Note the very interesting and original Vought V-163 in 1/72.

mixi Minna no Mokei Seisaku Nikki, an on-line club

 Kyu Nippon Riku-Kaigun Mokei Hozon-kai, from Fuji

 Ryokakuki Mokei Godo Tenji, a group of modellers that presented civilian passenger aircraft.

H.M.C. Hattori Modeller's Club, from Shizuoka

ZERO ONE Modeller's Club, from Osaka
Note the Junkers Ju-87 in Japanese colours!

TOSA Model Club, from Shikoku and on-line members.
A very interesting what-if/SF diorama based on the "The Sky Crawlers".

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Harold K said...

That civilian H6K (presumably Dai Nippon Koku KK) is a real eye-catcher in NMF.