Saturday 3 May 2014

Tachikawa Ki-54 "Hickory"

A nice photo of a Tachikawa Ki-54 Otsu "Hickory" unfortunately belonging to an unknown unit.
The Otsu version of the aircraft had two turrets with a 7.7mm machine gun each and was used for gunnery, bombing and radio communications training. In THIS posting perhaps you remember we introduced an Otsu version with a clear "tunnel" connecting the two turrets. 


Harold K said...

Seeing the Otsu, with turrets, reminds me that AZ Models showed two Ki-54 variants in 1/72nd among their future releases several years ago.
Since then they've released P-40s, F4Fs, a profusion of Me 109 (of course) sub-variants, etc.
Where is the Ki-54?

Jacob Terlouw said...

Yes Harold- a decent 1/72 kit of the Ki54 would be most welcome. I've seen this Future Release-ad of the
Ki 54 but since long -no news about it and the resin kit of A+V isn't on sale anymore.

D, Chouinard said...

Yes, an interesting plane with simple attractive lines. Hopefully a new kit will show up someday.