Tuesday 20 May 2014

Shizuoka 2014 #3

Hamamatsu Shofu-kai, from Hamamatsu

Nanchate JMC, with on-line members

 Koito Modeller's Doko-kai, from Shizuoka

Fuji Wing 8, from Shizuoka
Note the very nice "Sonia" ("Sonias" had primer under the overal colour, though) and the very very cool "Gekko" with the turret, both in 1/48. 

Komatsu G Club, from Komatsu
Note the "Yamato" deck diorama with the "Pete" and the fantastic "Shoki" with the contra-props which could actually rotate!!!!

Osaka Ladybird Club, from Osaka

Tokushima Modeller's Club, from Tokushima
The Ki-20 in 1/144. The "Gekko" in 1/48 was one of the best of the show. The Junkers Ju-160 in 1/48 was built by our friend and master modeller Saito Hisao. The very very cool "The Machinegun Girl and Beautiful Flag - Tokyo 1946" was built by Matsumoto-san.

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