Thursday 22 May 2014

Shizuoka 2014 #7

In this final post we'd like to present some very interesting models and dioramas, we unfortunately missed the names of the clubs.  
A gull-wing "Hayate" by Sugiyama-san in 1/48!!!!

One of the best dioramas in the show built by Masato-san entitled "Scene of the Zero Fighter & Hangar" in 1/48, featured in a recent "Scale Aviation" issue.
"In Guam"...

A very very beautiful Arado Ar196A in 1/48 by Horiuchi Masaaki

We hope you enjoyed our coverage of this year's show.


D. Chouinard said...

A very diverse showing, who says J-aircraft are boring?
Some very creative dioramas, too!

Jacob Terlouw said...

Very inspiring!!
The Asahi Club did an amazing job on the Jake.
Thanks for covering this Shizuoka 2014 Show.