Sunday 19 October 2014

A6M7 "Zero" - San Diego Air and Space Museum

Our good friend Devlin Chouinard visited San Diego, California last week and sent us the following report and photos.
The San Diego Air and Space Museum houses some unique and rare aircraft, and that description fits the A6M7 hanging for the ceiling. On loan from the National Air and Space Museum, it was restored by SDASM volunteers and put on display in 1984. It is also mentioned that the aircraft served with the Yokosuka Naval Air Group. (Tail marking “yo”-143)
 The restoration looks reasonably good although it's hard to say how much of the plane is original. The underside of the tail looks rather rough, so this might indicate original aluminum skin. As it is displayed overhead, it's hard to get an idea of the upper surfaces, especially the wings. Maybe one day I can persuade the museum staff to let me have access to a stepladder?
I leave color accuracy to others, being indoors under artificial light makes this impossible to determine. However under the current lighting conditions, it looks the part.
 If you happen to find yourself in San Diego, California, pay a visit to the SDASM. They have plenty to look at, including a nice selection of Japanese aircraft models and relics, both will be featured later.
-Devlin Chouinard

On to the photos.....  

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