Monday 13 October 2014

Nakajima "Kikka" #3 - follow up

Tom Zuijdwegt from the Netherlands sent us an email with the following extra information regarding "Kikka" kits:
"I have the MPM kit. It's typical of the early MPM injected kit. Short run moulds, 29 parts plus one injection moulded transparency and a simple decal sheet. Some flash and the details look a little soft.

RS Models also did a "Kikka-K" trainer in 1/72. It has about 20 resin parts, a vacu formed canopy and white metal undercarriage legs.
Finally, I have a resin 1/144 kit of the "Kikka" by Kami de Korokor. A very simple kit with just 10 parts but looking quite nice."
Tom has a most interesting website, called Airwar 1946,  featuring excellent models, especially what-if (check his Japanese flotplane Me-109), and a great collection of photos from model shows and more. Bedankt, Tom.
Matt Swan has also done an excellent and detailed review of the Fine Molds kit on his site, here. Thank you, Matt.

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Bernhard said...

The Kikka is to my opinion an intersting a/c. Out of history. Since concerning the USSBS (Stratetic Bomb Survey) report just one flyable excample existed, which crashed on the second test flight.
Lots of guessing is on, when modelling a Kikka.