Saturday 25 October 2014

Captured "Betty" by Vance Gilbert

The Mitsubishi G4M "Betty" is 43” wingspan, swinging 7.75 inch propellers. It is all balsa and tissue. The plastic canopy and fuselage nose, tail, and bulges were vacuuformed in my kitchen out of light and thin clear plastic sheet acetate, the window framing done with 1/16th inch tissue strips backed with a plastic/Elmer’s type glue called Sobol. Known to many in the Radio control world as RC 56.  The empty weight of the aircraft is 85 grams - it was a real exercise in keeping things light. Best flight of it’s career is 75 seconds.
It is currently in need of repair after 3 successful seasons. I broke the wing taking it out of the car about 2 years ago. She’ll be back in action next year, with any luck.
Vance Gilbert - Massachusetts, USA
And here are two brilliant videos with Betty gracefully and beautifully taking to the air at the 2009 Flying Aces Nats, Geneseo, NY in 2010! Thank you so much Vance for sharing your Betty with our blog. Wish we had more Japanese planes like yours featured here.

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