Sunday 5 October 2014

Nakajima "Kikka" #1 - Bibliography

Below is a list of most, if not all, Japanese publications about the Nakajima "Kikka". All books are in Japanese with no English text. The vintage photos of the aircraft are relatively few and are featured in most publications. The aircraft manual or other technical drawings did not survive the war and therefore are not included. MA#525 is the only publication with a cockpit drawing probably based on post-war photos of the "Kikka" in the Steven Udvar Hazy Center.

"Kikka wa Tonda" (The "Kikka" flew) by Yaguchi Syoichi, published by Gensyu Publishing co. ltd, August 2005, p.268

About the "Kikka" and the the Ne20 engine:

"Jeto Enjin ni Toritsukareta Otoko" (The man possessed by jet engines) by Maema Takanori, published by Kodansha, July 1989, p.432

"Kaigun Tokushu Kogeki-ki Kikka - Nihonhatsu no jeto enjin Ne20 no gizutsu gensho" ("Kikka", The special attack aircraft of the Navy - A technical inspection of the first Japanese jet engine Ne20) by Ishizawa Kazuhiko, published by Miki Press, July 2001, p.221

For modellers more helpful are the following publications with photos and illustrations:

"Shusui to Nihon Riku-Kaigun jeto, roketo hikoki" ("Shusui" and the jet and rocket aircraft of the Japanese Army & Navy) Model Art #525 by Nohara Shigeru, published by Model Art, 1998, p.184

"Koku Kessen Heiki" (Aviation weapons for the decisive battle) Gakken #56 by Komine Bunzo, published by Gakken, November 2006, p.181

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There is an English publication about the Nakajima Kikka, done by Monogram Inc.