Friday 3 October 2014

Kawasaki Ki-48 "Sokei" (Lily) by Panagiotis Koubetsos WIP#1

My next project is about a Type 99 Ki-48 "Sokei" somewhere in New Guinea in 1943. The diorama will also include an Isuzu fuel truck or a Toyota starter truck or even both! The kit comes from 1/48 AZ models with thick plastic, wrong nose shape and no detailing except for a styrene Nakajima Sakae set. Therefore it's recommended only to those who want to add a lot of scratchwork detailing and definitely not to beginners.
Starting with the cockpit apart from the other details  I also made the type 89 dual mount MG which I find very attractive, from a modeller's perspective of course!
Panagiotis Koubetsos

AMAZING work Panagioti!!!! Absolutely incredible considering a big part will not be visible once the kit is closed.


Fluffy said...

I look forward to seeing how this build goes. I built one AZ kit and... Oh the pain! Anyway, it looks like a great start with crazy detail!

Pankoub said...

George and Fluffy thank you for your comment! I've planned to show some more details to other parts of the model such as the engine mount and the nacelles.

Peter Dasso said...

Looks awesome! Do you plan on correcting the nose? That wrong nose is the one thing holding me back from buying this kit - and I'd love to see how that could be fixed

Pankoub said...

Hi Peter!
Thanks for your comment! Yes, I'm aware of the wrong nose shape. Definitely the clear part there has got to be replaced.
I've already corrected the upper part of the fuselage. More in the wips to come,

D. Chouinard said...

Just amazing!
Very much waiting to see what comes next.
I too have though about the kit, but like others, the nose was throwing me off. I'm still surprised that no major Japanese kit manufacturer ever picked this one up. Seems the K-48 is often overlooked. (Same with so many others...)
Wonderful build!

George Bryant said...

Another amazing work. Thanks for contributing to my inferiority complex! Just kidding.

Pankoub said...

D. Chouinard and George thank you guys! Surely the Sokei is a neglected bird but this very fact has awakened the devil of scratchwork inside me!!! lol!

Scott said...

Magnificent! I am working on the nose of this one as well.I'm currently making a master to vacuform it using the Maru Mechanic drawings as a

Pankoub said...

Thank you Scott. Have in mind that the position of the oleo struts is wrongly designed in the book! They should be behind the wheel legs!