Thursday 30 October 2014

Nakajima G8N "Renzan" (Rita) #1 - Bibliography

The Japanese bibliography of the Type 18 land-based attack aircraft or Nakajima G8N "Renzan" (Rita) is really sparse.
There is the old Blue FAOW #90 published in October 1977 by Bunrin-do on the "Renzan" and the Nakajima G5N "Shinzan". 
Which was reprinted a few years later in November 1984 with a different cover as No. 146.
The only other publication worth mentioning is issue 680, September 2000, of the magazine "Aireview" which includes multi-view detailed drawings of the aircraft in 1/72, with English captions, by long-missed artist Matsuba Minoru. Most helpful to modelers. 
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