Friday 8 February 2013

Collector's Items

Aoshima, Aichi E16A "Zuiun", 1:72
Aoshima, Nakajima C6N "Saiun", 1:72
Aoshima, Kawasaki Ki-100, 1:72
"Crown (クラウン) was a manufacturer of plastic model kits based in Japan. Active in the 1970s and 80s, Crown is best known for a series of World War II combat aircraft and modern jet fighters that it produced in 1/144 scale. Crown models were distributed in the United States by AHM, and their products have been reissued by several companies including Academy, Minicraft, and Revell." (source: here)

Crown, Mitsubishi G4M1 "Betty", 1:144
Released by "Fuji Hobby" in the 70s in "1:48", as stated on the box, this is probably a re-issue of the older "Marusan" kit which was in 1:50 (the instructions actually say so).
Fuji, Mitsubishi Ki-46-II "Dinah", 1:48/1:50
Kogure, Yokosuka D4Y "Suisei", 1:40 
Lucky Sun, Mitsubishi Ki-46 "Dinah" resin kit, 1:48
Marusan, Nakajima Ki-43 "Hayabusa", 1:100
Marusan, Mitsubishi J2M3 "Raiden", 1:100
Nichimo, Yokosuka P1Y1 "Ginga", 1:120
Nitto, Nakajima B5N "Kate", 1:75
Nitto, Kawanishi N1K2-J "Shiden-kai": 1:75
Nitto, Nakajima B6N "Tenzan", 1:75
Okamoto, Nakajima Ki-115 "Tsurugi", ? 
YMC, Kawasaki KDA-2 Recce, 1:100
Midori, Kawasaki Ki-61 "Hien", 1:28
Best for last.
Kawasaki Ki-61 "Tony", scale 1:28, "Automatic fullaction". The kit included a motor which was connected to the flaps, rudder and elevator with piano strings. By removing the canopy and pressing the "on" button in the cockpit the model moved on the ground. When the model turned direction all the controls moved too. Also made an aircraft engine sound. Considered too complicated kit for it's time.
Starting price: 600$

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Anonymous said...

That's again a fascinating collection of vintage kits!
The Dinah-3 is again the old Marusan one and while the box shows 1/48 the building instruction shows 1/50. Very surprising box-art on the 1/28 Hien! The box art of the Suisei and Ginga is quite impressive as are the starting prices of the E7K and KDA-2 kits.

All in all; thank you fellow-modellers for showing this on the blog!!