Monday 11 February 2013

Collector's items

Our friends Jim Nicoletti, Jacob Terlouw and Mark Smith send us the following scans of kits and models from their collections. Thank you all!

Was checking out your super blog and thought I would share the following with you. Until recently I had the following in my kit collection. Look at the price: $4.00 USD! I always wondered if that was a deal or was I over charged. Anyway, sold it recently...can't remember for how much.
Keep up the good work!
-Jim Nicoletti

Here's a scan of the first LS-A6M2N box and a scan of the profiles of that came along with the Fuji Ki-46-3. Also an 1/144 LS Emily and two Aoshima boxes.
-Jacob Terlouw

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Harold K said...

Memories, memories.
I have, built, the Jack, Norm and Rufe. The Rufe is purple, of course.
I tend not to replace models like these with newer, more accurate kits. This because they tell me as much about the modeler I was when they were new as they say about the state of the hobby at the time.