Thursday 28 February 2013

Library - Model Art #553 I.J.N. Carrier Attack Bomber

If you are into Pearl Harbor, Midway and other Carrier battles, then Model Art #553 I.J.N. Carrier Attack Bomber by Nohara Shigeru, published by Model Art February 2000, is one of the most important regarding Japanese airplanes. It covers all the "Carrier Attack Bombers" of the IJNAAF, i.e. the torpedo not the dive bombers, from the earliest types like the tri-plane Type 10 Carrier Torpedo Bomber or Mitsubishi 1MT1, the Type 13 or Mitsubishi 2MT/3MT, the Type 89 or Mitsubishi B2M, the Type 92 or Kokusho (Yokosuka) B3Y, the Type 96 or Kokusho (Yokosuka) B4Y to the ones that saw extensive action during the Pasific War like the Type 97-1 or Nakajima B5N (Kate) and the Type 97-2 or Mitsubishi B5M (Mabel) but also later types like Nakajima B6N "Tenzan" (Jill) and the Aichi B7A "Ryusei" (Grace).

The book has 238 pages with 158 photos of which 6 in color, plus 30 pages full of modeling photos and illustrations. The book also features very useful reproductions of the maintenance manuals of the Nakajima B5N (Kate), Nakajima B6N "Tenzan" (Jill) and the Aichi B7A "Ryusei" (Grace) as well as detailed multi-views of the three previously mentioned types plus Mitsubishi B5M (Mabel) in 1/48.
It should be noted that this is the only publication that covers all these types in one volume and is truly invaluable especially to modelers.

Unfortunately MA#553 became fast out-of-print and Nohara-san decided to reprint it in 2006 with Kojinsha entitled "KUBO KIDOBUTAI NO DAGEKIRYOKU"
but of smaller size (15X21cm), 304 pages, 162 photos of which 23 in color, without the 1/48 fold-outs and the color artwork. Biggest difference is that the author decided to include the dive bombers too like the Type 96 Carrier Dive Bomber or Aichi D1A "Susie", the Type 99 or Aichi D3A "Val" (not the night fighter version), the experimental Kugisho (Yokosuka) D3Y "Myojo" and the Kugisho (Yokosuka) D4Y "Suisei" (Judy). It also includes the manuals for the Aichi D1A2 and the Aichi D3A.

Both publications are highly recommended to Japanese airplane fans but to modelers with only passing interest the Kojinsha is recommended for the price and contents.
BOTH publications are now available through our on-line store. 
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