Thursday 21 February 2013

Film: "Shonen Kokuhei" - Yokosho K2Y #2

Our good friend Zygmunt Szeremeta created, especially for our blog, some amazing artwork of the K2Y posted yesterday. Dziękuję bardzo Zygmunt.

More stills with K2Ys from the movie.

Two stills from the rather interesting "KA-470. Note that the area around the cockpits is of darker color than the rest of the fuselage.

 A dramatic shot of "KA-451" and "KA-455" just taking off from the airfield of Kasumigaura.

A rather odd K2Y creeps in the movie in this in-flight scene. It belongs to the Yokosuka Ku as indicated by the "ヨ-601" (YO-601) marking.


Alcides said...

Great pictures and profile. Thanks a lot for this. Why here the plane is called Yokosho and in the internet I can found it as Yokosuka?

Arawasi said...

"Yokosho" is the acronym of Yokosuka Kaigun Ko-sho(Yokosuka Naval Arsenal). There were other acronyms like "Kusho" (Kaigun Koku-sho), "Kugisho" (Kaigun Koku Kijutsu-sho) and "Ichi-Gisho" (Dai-Ichi Kaigun Gijutsu-sho) depending on the names the Arsenal received at various times.
"Yokosuka" is the most "popular" name but earlier a/c types like the ones featured in these postings are commonly referred to as "Yokosho" in Japanese literature. Later types like the "Suisei" or "Ginga" are usually referred to as "Kugisho". In the Western literature (Francillon) they are all called "Yokosuka".