Monday 3 December 2018

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 010 - WILLIAM ADAIR

This is the 1/144 scale Kawanishi N1K1-Ja Shiden, a modified gashapon trading kit made by the Japanese company F-Toys.
Modifications include new cockpit and canopy, individual prop hub and propeller blades, and new gun barrels with modified undercarriage. The airframe was primed and rubbed back several times to reduce the overscale panel lines, and the aircraft was painted with Mr Colour lacquers. Decals for the 343 AG machine are modified from an MYK set, splicing 8's and 9's together to make the 343-16 codes. Watercolour paints provided the shading, while scuffs and chipping is achieved with a .5mm Pergamino pearl grey pencil lead.

- William Adair, Australia -

 As you expressed an interest in seeing some more photos I've added some extra views, along with some others that I took during the construction phase.
Some of these show the new seat and modifications to the cockpit and canopy.  This was moulded in acrylic and the flared edge was made by building the up the sliding portion of the hood with superglue and sanding/carving it back to shape.  The propeller blades were detached and reset with the prominent hubs being represented with sleeves of aluminium tube.  The gun barrels are replaced with brass, and the ends flared out  and reduced in thickness with the tip of a scalpel.  I couldn't resist a bit of Arawasi product-placement for the last shot... 😊


Arawasi said...

WOW!!!A solid golden 10 from me and I would love to see more photos!

D. Chouinard said...

if the match box and coins were not in the pictures, I would have thought it was 1/48th scale at first glance! Just amazing! 10!

George Bryant said...

I can't believe this is 144th scale. Amazing work and finish. 10 for me also.

Jacob said...

This is a very good/ the best example of what you can achieve in this scale!
These 1/144 kits are hard to find over here and at the Euro Scale Modelling Event
last month I could count 'm on one hand. I join-a 10!
One question: where did you get that cockpit- I need 'm for my Kyofu's

Toryu said...

Simply breath-taking - 10 points

Gus said...


MDriskill said...

That's amazing!

I own one of these F-Toy Georges, and it's quite hard to imagine its ever looking like this.

MDriskill said...

Forgot my score: 9.5!