Saturday 15 December 2018

Nipponki '46 - Kawasemi Model 10 Air Defence Fighter

In the latest issue of our magazine, here, we introduced the various extraordinary aircraft designs submitted by amateur illustrators to vintage Japanese aviation magazines. While the series will continue on the magazine, we would like to show on this blog some of the more "funky" designs. We start with one from one of the most respected and prolific Japanese illustrators, the late Watanabe Rikyu, first published in the August 1943 issue of the magazine "Koku Shonen" (Aviation Youth).
Kawasemi Model 10 Air Defence Fighter
High altitude anti-bomber interceptor
Span: 11m
Length: 10.5m
Engine: Special liquid-cool, 3,000hp
Propeller: two 3-blade contra-rotating
                    Max. speed: 778km/h
                    Cruising speed: 590km/h
                    Landing speed: 150km/h
Armament: 40mm cannon X 1
                    30mm cannon X2
                    15mm MG X 3 

Although at first glance the design may look as too "manga" and childish, you will notice a striking resemblance to the:
1. Dornier P.247/6 high performance fighter, here 

2. Focke-Wulf high performance fighter with Jumo 222E/F
(image from here)

3. Focke-Wulf high performance fighter with Argus As 413 as described and shown on p.38 of "Luftwaffe Secret Projects - Fighters 1939-1945" by Walter Schick & Ingolf Meyer.
4. Dornier P 247/1.

Illustration by Peter Allen, from HERE.

All 1944-1945 designs that never left the drawing board.

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D. Chouinard said...

This design would be an easy conversion to jet power, which would be the next logical step.