Monday 10 December 2018

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 010 - MICHAEL THUROW

My contest entry, an N1K1-J Ko, is based on the Otaki 1/48 kit. I initially built this model in 1988 but was never satisfied with my work. Upgrading vintage kits has become an obsession and, since all more recent products have less accurate nose contours and engine air intakes, I decided to stay with my model and completely rebuilt it last year with after-market and scratch-built items. Please have a look at the WIP report here which also explains my colour choices:
201-53 was production number 5511 manufactured in October 1944 at Kawanishi's Naruo plant and delivered to the 201st Kokutai in the Philippines. 201 Ku was a Zero unit – one of the first employed for suicide attacks. The Shiden may have been used as tokko escort or fast recce. The unit's personnel suffered complete annihilation in ground fighting after all aircraft had been lost or disabled. 201-53 was found by American troops at Clark Field at the end of 1944. So the life time of this Shiden, before being vandalised by 'sight-seers', was rather short.

Michael Thurow - Germany



Arawasi said...

Great result Michael with an old and difficult kit. 9

D. Chouinard said...

Great work on the cockpit and other details. I like the idea of rebuilding and improving old projects, and also adding more "life" to old kits. (Just because a kit is "old" doesn't mean it's worthless.)
I rather like it! 9.

MH said...

Very realistic Model.
Note 10 wothout any doubt.

Miro Herold

MDriskill said...

That is wonderful! What a great idea to rework an old model. 9 at least!